The Jaffari Tabligh Board (JTB) originally formed under the name ‘The Tabligh Committee’ in 1998. Since inception, JTB has been the central point of contact for community members with respect to coordinating and catering to Religious Education and Outreach.

The purpose of the Jaffari Tabligh Board is to assist in fostering religious education and propagation as well as engaging the youth and the community at large to actively participate in lifelong religious education. In addition, JTB endeavors to maintain and expand its reach to the broader Canadian community that it proudly is a part of and simultaneously strives to help clear the misunderstandings of the faith of Islam and educate individuals on the true message of Islam, as taught by the Ahlul Bayt (a).

Our goal is to put into practice the Hadith of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (s) where he says “O Lord! Be Merciful towards my vicegerents!’ He was asked ‘O’ Prophet of God! Who are your vicegerents?’ He replied; ‘They are those who shall, after me, convey (and narrate) my traditions and customs (to others)’.