Month of Ramadhan 2018
Jaffari Tabligh Board General Community Qur’an Challenge


  1. A question will be displayed on slides during each night during the Month of Ramadhan program at Ja’ffari Community Centre, with the exception of certain nights due to wafaat, A’amal or other reasons.
  2. You may search for the correct answer and submit it before 7PM the next day (after the question is announced) via the ‘Submit button’ below.
  3. The last question will be announced on the night of the 27th of Month of Ramadhan.
  4. Those who respond correctly to all questions will be entered into a draw to win one of three prizes.
  5. All questions have been chosen from An Enlightening Commentary Into The Light of The Holy Quran Volume 13 which can be found on
  6. The questions in this competition are different to the ones being asked in the Month of Ramadhan Darsa Qur’an Challenge, although they are based on the same Surah. Darsa students may enter both competitions.
  7. Please email for any questions.