The Jaffari Tabligh Committee has organized a quiz competition for Adults and Kids. To participate in the quiz, you will have to do the following:

The winners will be announced on Eid-ul-Fitr Day 2024.

Rules and Regulations 
  • Quiz participation is open to all – for respective age categories
  • Adults – 15 years and over
  • Kids from age 6 – 14 years.
  • This is a CLOSED BOOK Quiz. You are not permitted to use the PDF or other sources.
  • Participants are expected to answer the questions and submit them online using the online forms provided.
  • Deadline to submit answers is Wednesday, 3rd April 2024 by 11:59 PM.
  • Winners will be announced on Eid Day during the second session at Jaffari Community Center, Ontario.
  • Winners of Ziyarat Ticket need to be residents of Ontario, Canada
  • Winners to present a valid Ontario Photo ID with valid address to the Jamat Office within 30 days – in person.
  • Only 1 prize for Adults Quiz – Ziyarat Ticket*
  • Only 1 prize for Kids Quiz – Ziyarat Ticket *
  • *Ziyarat Ticket – A $ 1,500 voucher will be given towards the purchase of Ziyarat Ticket
  • *Ziyarat Ticket will be towards Ziyarat travel to Iran or Iraq.
  • *Ziyarat Ticket needs to purchased from Gala Travels only.

If you are ready to begin the quiz, please click the button below. As we operate on an honor-based system, we trust that you will commence and complete the quiz in one sitting, without referring back to the PDF or any other sources.