Month of Ramadhan Darsa 2018
Qur’an Challenge


  1. A question will be announced at the end of each darsa and will be available on the app, except for instances where there is no darsa the next day.
  2. Children will have the opportunity to submit their answer the next day.
  3. Submission can be on a small paper with name, age and answer written on the following day after the question was announced.
  4. A draw will take place the next day after the question is announced .
  5. If the person whose entry is drawn has the correct response written on the paper, they win the prize for the day.
  6. Children are encouraged to enter the draw daily.
  7. All questions have been chosen from An Enlightening Commentary Into The Light of The Holy Quran Volume 13 (link above).
  8. Parents are encouraged to work with their children to work out the answer as some of the words in the commentary are difficult. Feel free to even find the answer for them, but we recommend you take some time to discuss the response!