Salamun ‘Alaykum (peace be upon you)

The Jaffari Tabligh Committee is excited to welcome you to our Mosque, and God Willing, aid you on your spiritual journey. We understand that the decision to explore the Islamic Faith is deeply personal and challenging. The Jaffari Community centre has a wide range of resources and services available to newcomers to our Mosque.
Our welcome package for those who are new to Islam (Reverts) contains some items and resources that will help you in the early stages of your journey:

  • Holy Quran
  • Discover Islam Booklets (5 Booklet Series)
  • The ABCs of Salaat (Prayers)
  • Prayer Mat and Prayer Beads (Tasbeeh)
  • Video Resources on Praying and Purification for Prayers (Wudhu)

The quote below is something that some of our communities Reverts to Islam have found comforting when taking the first steps down the path of Islam:
The first Imam, Imam Ali Amir al-mu’minin, peace be upon him, said:

Do not turn your knowledge into ignorance or your conviction into doubt. When you gain knowledge act (upon it) and when you acquire conviction proceed (on its basis).

Every newcomer will learn and begin to practice Islam at their own pace. There are no expectations about how much you will learn or how fast you learn it. The most important thing on the quest to gain nearness to Allah is that as new information is discovered, we are able to put into practice. To struggle to gain closeness to Allah (Jihad) is one of the greatest forms of worship.

Inshallah (God Willing), we will be getting to know each other as you continue you Journey towards Islam. If there is any support you need, or questions you have, please contact the Jaffari Tabligh Committee at

Revert Packages

The Jaffari Tabligh Committee sends out an information package of books to new reverts as well as to anyone interested in Islam. The package contains an English Quran, booklets on Introduction to Islam and Shiaism, as well as books on the ahlulbayt, Imams and other topics of interest (dependent on availability). We are also able to send out the following items on request: prayer mat, turbah, hijab.

Email to order your revert package.