The Jaffari Tabligh Committee with the Mizan Institute is pleased to announce a seminar on the 12th Imam. The Mahdi – Birth to Occultation (Part 1) by Shaykh Mahdi Rastani from the Mizan Institute.

Course Synopsis:
All Abrahamic faiths await the appearance of a Messianic figure who will bring justice and peace to the world after it has become full of oppression and injustice. Muslims however, and in particular the Shi’a, find in their literature the most detailed descriptions of this savior, namely his name, titles, family, signs of his return and what the world will look like after his reappearance.

In this course, Shaykh Mahdi Rastani discusses the following topics:

  • The Savior in Judaism
  • The Savior in Christianity
  • The Savior in the Quran
  • The Mahdi in Shi’i Hadith
  • Similarities Between His Story and The Stories of Previous Prophets
  • Lessons to Be Learnt From The Different Titles Of The Mahdi
  • The Mahdi In Sunni Sources
  • Historical Details of His Birth
  • Proving The Birth
  • Events In The First Five Years of His Life
  • The Beginning of Occultation
Some questions we will cover:
  • What do Abrahamic faiths believe regarding the saviour?
  • What sources in Shi’i hadith speak of the Mahdi
  • What similarities are found in the life of Imam Mahdi and stories of previous prophets?
  • What lessons can we learn from the different titles and names of the Imam?
  • What differences exist between Shias and Sunnis regarding the Mahdi?
  • Where was the mother of Imam Mahdi, Narjis, from? Was she a Roman princess?
  • Can the birth of Imam Mahdi be proven through Shi’a hadith literature?
  • Can we believe a human being to live thousands of years?
  • Who is Ja’far Kadhab and how did he oppose his nephew, Imam Mahdi?
  • What were the final moments of Imam Askari like?
  • What were the final words of the 12th Imam before occultation


The seminar will be held at JCC on May 4th from 9:30Am to 5:30PM.

Fee: $35 – Includes course material and lunch.

Please register today. Limited spots are available.

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