Interactive Qur’an Workshop

Interactive Qur’an Workshop

On Saturday 3rd March, 2018 Ladies Committee & Jaffari Tabligh Board hosted a Qur’an Workshop with Zakira Razia Batool Najafi for girls and ladies of all ages. Zakira Razia took the audience on a journey with the Holy Qur’an and the importance of engaging spiritually with this Holy Book.

In her 45 minute talk, she continued to share ideas of how to inculcate the love and practical aspects of bonding with the Holy Qur’an in our homes and making it a significant part of our family lives.

Zakira went on to say: “Whatever commonplace you have in your home, you should keep a basket of books. We have to take from the real pleasure that is acquiring knowledge and the Qur’an. Keep the Qur’an in an accessible place.”


We were fortunate to have community members who shared their stories on how they incorporated the Qur’an in their family lives and homes and have shared resources with us.